Tutorial: How to draw a cartoon dog

Learn how to draw a cartoon-style dog using a photo reference and basic shapes. First, watch the video to get an idea of how these doggy doodles come to life. Then we’ll break the process down into 5 steps and practice using 3 dog breeds with different coat lengths. The doodles have all been drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, but can just as easily be done with a humble pen and paper.

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Mural painting process

Ever wanted to take on the exciting / daunting project of painting a mural? Me too! Know how to do it? Nope, neither did I… But after a bit of research and a lot of winging it, I did it! It may have taken a week of slaving away at the wall, some stiff muscles (oh, just you wait…) and a lot of patience, but now we have a cool personalised wall in our office space to stare at while tinkering away at the computer.

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