Tutorial: How to draw a cartoon dog

Learn how to draw a cartoon-style dog using a photo reference and basic shapes. First, watch the video to get an idea of how these doggy doodles come to life. Then we’ll break the process down into 5 steps and practice using 3 dog breeds with different coat lengths. The doodles have all been drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, but can just as easily be done with a humble pen and paper.

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Mural painting process

Ever wanted to take on the exciting / daunting project of painting a mural? Me too! Know how to do it? Nope, neither did I… But after a bit of research and a lot of winging it, I did it! It may have taken a week of slaving away at the wall, some stiff muscles (oh, just you wait…) and a lot of patience, but now we have a cool personalised wall in our office space to stare at while tinkering away at the computer.

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‘Spread the Love’ – Free Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, but there’s a good chance you haven’t got anything for your partner/crush/loved one yet and time’s running out! But do not worry! Your card at least is sorted!
Simply download and print a Bovril, Marmite or Vegemite spread quirky card to “spread the love” and gift to your lover/loved one this V-Day.
Inside message: “Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My boyfriend and I decided the toilet room’s walls needed to be filled, so we came up with some cheeky music-inspired sayings to illustrate.
But why keep it to ourselves? If you fancy some toilet humour for your own WC, click on the “DOWNLOAD HERE” link below each artwork for the high-res version, right click on the image in the new window and click “Save image as…”.
Best printed at A6 or A5 size.

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South African Flower Cards – FREE PRINTABLES

Each card was lovingly hand-drawn and painted before being digitised and uploaded for you to print at home for a loved one. Choose from four beautiful South African flowers with the option of a special wish on the front of the card, or opt for a blank template to write your own message or your loved one’s name. Folding instructions below. 

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