Hi there! I’m Amy, a freelance illustrator + designer from South Africa, creating in Australia.

I’m not often far from my Wacom and Photoshop brushes,  but I still love a good brush pen and definitely have my favourite one (don’t tell the others). 


My studio is in the south of Sydney, where I work alongside my french bulldog / frequent art muse, Pippa.


I offer a variety of creative services to individuals and small businesses looking for custom illustration work, unique branding to grow business, or personal commissions for a special occasion.


Please get in touch if you’d like to work together or just to say hi!

Amy Slatem portrait artist photo

Past testimonials

Beautiful website illustrations

Our company recently redesigned our website, and contacted Amy for illustrations to bring the site to life. This extremely talented artist was professional and efficient and her work exceeded our expectations. We are so happy with the result and would definitely recommend her!


EP cover artwork

I contacted Amy to create some artwork for my new EP release on streaming platforms. Amy was ferociously efficient, was great at asking probing questions for the vision I had for the work, and in general, a total pro. The final work was better than I could have imagined and I am super stoked with it! I highly recommend Amy as an artist, a creative and as a professional.

Sebastian Goldswain

Smart, minimalist charm and cross-continental collaborative efforts

My and Amy’s working relationship is a testament to the remote-working/work-anywhere culture. Despite having never met her in person and mostly communicating by email due to the 10-hour time zone difference, I have entrusted and commissioned Amy with two of the most important creative projects of my life (wedding stationery for my own big day, and a webcomic – completely unrelated) and the results have been – and continue to be – amazing.

Introduced to Amy’s work through my wife (they both attended university together), I immediately identified with her simple yet chic illustrative style and prior projects. This suited our vision of the wedding, which was to infuse the event with our own quirks & personalities as well as smart, minimalist charm. Both the save the dates and eventual invites reflected this and were well-received by our guests.

I kept the success of this event stationery in mind when another creative opportunity arose and I required an insightful illustrator to match my words. Amy’s artwork IS the webcomic of Life With Falafel; delivering something far greater than what I could have achieved alone with my witty written gags and horrendous cave-art sketches which I send to her to somehow be transformed into mini-Mona Lisa’s. Proving that she isn’t a one-off wonder, Amy’s collaborative efforts have been continually tested over multiple comics and she’s consistently delivered excellent work with each. She appreciates references and responds well to detailed briefs & constructive criticism.

Overall I have found Amy to be an honest, talented, calming, confident design consultant; one that’s capable of drawing dreams.

Kurt Duvel

A BIG thank you from Bloo’s Buffet

When I started thinking of Bloo’s Buffet as a concept there was just one person I had in mind for developing our brand – AMY SLATEM.
In the beginning we weren’t too sure where we were heading as a brand, but we had Amy join us on this journey, with her support, immense creativity and talent – a clearer path was created for our brand.
We are grateful for her patience, passion and work ethic; it is such a pleasure working with her and we can’t wait to expand our brand with her by our side.

Nidele Els

Absolute pleasure

Amy designed the logo for The Random Article Podcast and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Even though we were on the complete opposite side of the globe Amy made the whole process super easy and all of her designs were amazing. If I ever need any sort of logo or illustration work done again I know exactly who I will be turning to. Thanks for everything!

Bijan Shamai

Gorgeous work

Amy’s work is gorgeous, original and diverse in style. I honestly believe there’s nothing she can’t illustrate!

Hannah McDonald

Would highly recommend

Great artist – she did a story book style illustration I commissioned as a gift and it was beautifully and thoughtfully executed. Would highly recommend.

Emily Knott

Incredible work

All of Amy’s work is absolutely incredible, but I am a particular fan of her pet sketches and we have 2 already in our home. She captures the essence of the animal’s personality and the soul in their eyes. Such a special talent!

Sands C

Endless source of inspiration

Amy’s illustration work is an endless source of inspiration. Sometimes I wonder where she finds the time to create so much art. But it’s clear that she has woven the practice of art-making into her daily life and as a result, fans of her work can always look forward to illustrated travel journals, pet sketches and so much more. 10/10 would recommend

Carla Latsky